Net Control Check-in Script

From: Tom Kirby <>

If you would like to serve as Net Control for the Alexandria Amateur Radio Club Thursday 2-meter net, let me know.

Here is a generalized script for the Net Controller:

This is your_call – does anyone need to use the repeater prior to the weekly net?

QST QST QST this is your_call, Net Control Station for the Alexandria Radio Club Weekly Net. This net meets every Thursday night at 8pm local time on the W4HFH repeater 147.315 using a tone of 107.2. This net is open to all Amateur Radio Operators. You do not have to be a member of the Alexandria Radio Club to participate. At this time anyone having emergency or time critical traffic, please call your_call.

Any Club announcements?

Sometimes a trivia question

At this time we will take check-ins from any portable and mobile stations, please call your_call.

At this time we will take general check-ins, please call your_call. Slowly.

Go around to each check-in twice.

This concludes the Alexandria Radio Club weekly net. I would like to thank all participants. For more information about the Alexandria Radio Club please visit our web site at This is your_call returning the repeater to normal amateur use. Seventy threes.