Coordinator: Rich Adamy, KA4GFY


First Class Date: Tuesday March 3rd 2015 and ending May 5th 2015 (10 weeks).
The FCC Exam will be given on May 5th.
Class Start Time: 19:00 hours until 21:00 hours ( 7 PM to 9 PM)
Teaching Site: Alexandria Police Department HQs, 3600 Wheeler Ave, Alexandria, VA (Just off Duke Street about 1 block west of Quaker Lane)
Cost: ARRL License Manual $30.00 + FCC Exam Fee $15.00 + Class Material $5.00 = $50.00

FCC License Levels

For additional information contact Rich at (703) 969-6615 or email.  Rich is assisted by cadre of founding faculty instructors who were electronic and communications specialist in local industry and/or military training centers.

FCC License Class Syllabus covers 400 question topics from which 35 pool questions make up license exam. Classes incorporates ARRL PowerPoint Topics & Film Clips portraying historical evolution of radio communications. License practice exam questions are Internet available.

Learning International Morse Code is NOT a FCC license requirement, but is highly encouraged.

FCC Title 47 Telecommunications Part 97 Amateur Radio Service Federal Regulations
(Up-to-date July 14, 2014)

Rick Bunn - K4ASX - ARC Shorts Newsletter Editor

Rick Bunn – K4ASX –  ARC Shorts Newsletter Editor

ARC-SHORTS Newsletter

April 2015 Edition

Club Repeaters:  53.13 (-) , 147.315 (+) , 444.6 (+) , 224.82 (+) , 927.6 (-25Mhz), and 1282.600(+). All repeaters (PL 107.2)  DSTAR 145.38Mhz, 442.060, and 1284.600

 ALL ARE UP AND RUNNING – HAM IT UP! Get on the air! 


Our next meeting is April 10th at our normal location, 3600 Wheeler Ave, just off of Duke Street about half a block west of Quaker Lane.   Our program will be Craig Fugate, KK4INZ, Director of FEMA.  Craig has been a member of our club and a great supporter of Amateur Radio at a time when some would say our services were no longer needed.


Our program was our own Rob Anderson, KJ4RBD with a great talk on Smith Charts.  Rob made what could have been a dry subject very interesting and kept all paying close attention.  Thanks Rob for one of the best programs of the year.

President’s Corner –

It has been a busy year so far with several Hamfests, weekly ARC network traffic – often on both 6 meters as well as the normal 2 meters.  We were scheduled for support of the George Washington’s Birthday parade but it was weathered out.  The Amateur Radio Class for beginners began in March, 2015.  Many of our members were in both the International DX contest and the Virginia QSO Party.

For those Hams looking for a project for the rest of the year, consider working all the U.S. states and qualifying for the Worked All States award offered by ARRL.  You need QSO contacts who will post to Logbook of the World (LOTW).  By their nature, many of the participants in the QSO Parties do that.  Some states are harder than others to get and the state QSO Parties can be a big help.  By the time you read this article some of the dates will be past, but consider the contests scheduled in April alone:

  DATE     EVENT                              EXCHANGE

  • April 4   Mississippi QSO Party     RS(T) and MS county or S/P/C
  • April 4   Missouri QSO Party         RS(T) and MO county or S/P/C
  • April 4   Montana QSO Party
  • April 11 New Mexico QSO Party   Call Sign, name and NM county or S/P/C
  • April 11 Georgia QSO Party           RS(T), S/P/C or GA County
  • April 18 Nebraska QSO Party       RS(T) and NE county or S/P/C
  • April 18 Michigan QSO Party        Serial and MI county or S/P/C
  • April 18 North Dakota QSO Party  RST and ND county or S/P/C
  • April 25 Florida QSO Party             RS(T), FL county or S/P/C

Note: The above listings are extracted from Contest Corral in the April 2015 issue of QST magazine.  Check each month for new listings.  Enjoy!

73 Larry, KK4CBL

Hamfests –

The Culpepper Amateur Radio Association is sponsoring their amateur radio swapfest on April 11.  The location is the Culpepper County Enterprise, which is on US 29, about 2 miles South of the town of Culpepper.  Its an easy drive from our area.  Talk-in will be on the CARA 147.120 repeater (PL 146.2 Hz).

Also on April 11 is the York hamfest.  Its an easy drive up I-83 in Spring Grove, PA.  This is a new location at Eliker’s Grove Park.  From the picture on the website, it looks like a setting.  This is a return to hamfests of the old days, tailgating only.

The Great Hagerstown Hamfest takes place May 2 in Boonsboro, MD at the Washington County Agricultural Center.  They have flea market space inside and outside.  Talk-in will be on the 147.090 repeater.

Next month is the Dayton Hamvention.  Its always the third full weekend in May, so that means May 15 through 17.  Thursday is normally the travel day, but there was interest in touring the US Air Force Museum, so we will travel on Wednesday, May 13 and do the museum on May 14.  If you have any interest in aviation, this is well worth the visit.

I have 6 rooms at the Holiday Inn Fairborn and 3 are already spoken for. There are several other hotels in the Fairborn area, but they are filling up fast.  Hotels in the Dayton area sell out months in advance.  Other club members may have a room or two available nearby. Gas may remain cheap for the foreseeable future, so plan on making the trip.  The breakdown is usually $60 to $80 for gas, plan on $350 for hotel, $28 for the Hamvention ticket and bus fare, along with your meals and purchases.

So far, I have on the list W3RST, K4LVT, AF2D, N4CWP, AK4CM and KA4GFY.

I will need to know by the April club meeting (April 10) so I can order tickets.

Training -

The weather postponed our first meeting a week and we were pre-emptied the third week, but we are back on track and will be finished in time for the May 5 exam.

Contests -

  • April 11 and 12 – New Mexico QSO Party.  Exchange is callsign, name and your state.
  • April 11 – Georgia QSO Party.  Exchange is RST and your state.
  • April 18 and 19 – Nebraska QSO Party – Exchange is RST and your State.
  • April 18 and 19 – Michigan QSO Party – Exchange is a serial number and your state.
  • April 18 and 19 –  North Dakota QSO Party – Exchange is RST and your State.
  • April 18– Ontario QSO Party – Exchange is RST and your state.
  • April 19 – ARRL Rookie Round-up.  Exchange is both calls, your first name, 2 digit number of the year first licensed and your state.
  • April 25 – Florida QSO Party – Exchange is RST and your state.

Club Repeaters -

The Alexandria Radio Club owns more repeaters than other club in the area.  We have repeaters on every ham radio band between 6 meters and 23 cm.  Here is a great opportunity to try a new band.  With the exception of the 23 cm repeater, all our repeaters are commercial grade equipment which should run for many years with minimal work.  The 23 cm repeater is constructed from 2 Yaesu 23 cm mobile radios with a controller in between.  All the repeaters provide good coverage in Alexandria and the surrounding area.

If you are active on 23 cm, you may notice something continually keying up the repeater from time to time.  The signal doesn’t appear to be that strong, but it is annoying.  The solution is to require CTCSS (also known as PL) to open the receiver.  When the equipment for our repeater was made, PL transmit was standard, but PL decode for the receiver was an option and our receiver does not have it.  We are starting to look at options to make this happen.  If you haven’t already programmed in the club’s standard PL tone (107.2 Hz) to your 23 cm transceiver, now would be a good time to do it.

We also now have a 6 meter net on the club’s 53.13 repeater starting at 7:30 PM on Thursday nights, right before the weekly 2 meter net.  If you 6 meter FM equipment, be sure to join the group.

73, Rich, KA4GFY


May 15th to May 17th.  Rich, KA4GFY is again leading the expedition to Dayton Ohio for the Hamvention.  This year they are leaving on Wednesday the 13th so a visit the Air Force Museum can be scheduled for Thursday.   If you have any interest in aviation, this is a MUST.  This is the BIGGEST collection of NEW and USED gear anywhere.  If you cannot find it, you don’t really need it.

Rich may have a few rooms left. Carpooling is a must and don’t forget to buy the bus pass!


As the weather gets nicer, don’t let your guard down!  This is the time for weather to do strange things.  Keep you batteries charged and you go kits ready.

Field Day is in June.  I hope that all in the club will join in on June 27th and 28th .  If you want to experiment with antennas let Rick N4ASX or Jack K5OTZ.  Come out for the Saturday dinner and hopefully operate one of the club radios for a few hours.  We have generators,  and club radios, but the club needs OPERATORS. New ops or old salts, this is a chance to find out more about High Frequency operations.

Field Day is one part emergency test, one part contest and one part fun club activity.

Steve W8RJH is again our chief cook, your welcome to bring a side dish to Saturday dinner.  If you plan to join us for dinner or other meals, let Jack or Rick know so we have a count for the food.  There is a donation for the food and your family and friends are also welcome.


Last month I talked about buying gear with the right attributes.  I recently installed my Ten-Tec Eagle in my Father-in-law’s QTH.  He has the advantage of a tower and tri-band (10/15/20 meter) beam but the radio puts out a little less than 100 watts.  While I was checking out the station I worked a great deal of DX including long path to New Zealand and broke a pile up for a station in Lebanon.  His question was: “With all the loud (read kilowatt) stations, how did I make the contacts?”  The answer is a bit of technique.  I listen and try to match my cadence to the DX stations.  I lean if he gets the first station to call or the last (tailgater).  I wait for the BIG GUNS and CALIFORNIA KILOWATTS to work him first and get them out of the way.  The next thing I do is have the radio set so that I’m not overdriving the modulation, set the ALC so that you just into the ALC on the meter or a little ALC light just blinks.  More mic gain muddies the audio and if English is not the DX station’s native language they will not understand you or your call sign. Another tip,  Don’t get excited and start to shout or talk quickly.

They do not call it the PILEUP for nothing.  Keep trying, try to call when he is listening and have a clean signal.

73 Rick  N4ASX

Future Programs

  • May (tent.) – Terry Hines on the ARRL antenna modeling course we will also start Field Day planning
  • June – Field Day
  • July – Show and Tell – GO KITS!  Field Day lessons learned
  • August – Members share their insights on LOGGING and RADIO CONTROL programs.
  • September – Digital
  • October – Mobile HF
  • November – Club Elections
  • DECEMBER  – Holiday party and club awards

We hope to have an update on use of some of the newest solar technology, use of the new microcomputers and I am trying to find someone to talk about converting our old XP laptops to use a version of Linux.

If you have an idea for a program, please let Rick know and he will try to find someone to provide the program.

We hope to have an update on use of some of the newest solar technology, use of the new microcomputers and I am trying to find someone to talk about converting our old XP laptops to use a version of Linux.

If you have an idea for a program, please let Rick know and he will try to find someone to provide the program.

Club Members Social Events

Monday Night Half Price Burgers – There is a group that gets together at Shooter McGee’s (Duke and Paxton Streets) on Monday evenings at 6:15 PM. A good burger and soft drink runs about $11.00.

A few years ago,  a bunch of us went to the Air and Space Museum at Dullas,  is there an interest in another trip (Yes, I know it’s not radio).  We can also plan for a trip the antique radio and EW museums.

You are invited to Amateur Radio Roundtable, a new series of W5KUB.com live weekly webcasts.  The webcast is every Tuesday night at 9:00 PM EDST (0200 UTC Wednesdays) at W5KUB.COM. To watch click on Live Events and sign in with your existing User Name and Password.

Amateur Radio Roundtable is an informal discussion of all aspects of ham radio with the intent of allowing viewers to watch this live webcast or be a guest via Skype or Google Hangout.  A question and answer session with viewers will follow each topic.

The show covers all aspects of ham radio; such as, balloon launches, Satellite, go-kits, emergency communications, SDR, digital modes, DXing, home brewing, and much more. This week’s guests include Arnie Shatz, N6HC, a team member of many great DExpeditions; Eric William discussing SRD; and Franc Dunatov, ZL1SLO, discussing Special Event operations from New Zealand.


Be sure to copy and submit the practice emergency message each week.

Sample format

ARRL Radiogram Sample

ARRL Radiogram Sample

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