Coordinator: Rich Adamy, KA4GFY




First Class Date:  Tuesday October 6, 2015 and ending December 8, 2015 (10 weeks).
The FCC Exam will be given last session in December.
Class Start Time: 19:00 hours until 21:00 hours ( 7 PM to 9 PM)
Teaching Site: Alexandria Police Department HQs, 3600 Wheeler Ave, Alexandria, VA (Just off Duke Street about 1 block west of Quaker Lane)
Cost: ARRL License Manual $30.00 + FCC Exam Fee $15.00 + Class Material $5.00 = $50.00

FCC License Levels

For additional information contact Rich at (703) 969-6615 or email.  Rich is assisted by cadre of founding faculty instructors who were electronic and communications specialist in local industry and/or military training centers.

FCC License Class Syllabus covers 400 question topics from which 35 pool questions make up license exam. Classes incorporates ARRL PowerPoint Topics & Film Clips portraying historical evolution of radio communications. License practice exam questions are Internet available.

Learning International Morse Code is NOT a FCC license requirement, but is highly encouraged.

FCC Title 47 Telecommunications Part 97 Amateur Radio Service Federal Regulations
(Up-to-date July 14, 2014)

Download (PPTX, 7.54MB)

Rick Bunn - N4ASX - ARC Shorts Newsletter Editor

Rick Bunn – N4ASX –  ARC Shorts Newsletter Editor

ARC-SHORTS Newsletter

November 2015 Edition

Club Repeaters:  53.13 (-) , 147.315 (+) , 444.6 (+) , 224.82 (+) , 927.6 (-25Mhz), and 1282.600(+). All repeaters (PL 107.2)  DSTAR 145.38Mhz, 442.060, and 1284.600


Our next meeting is November 13th at our normal location, 3600 Wheeler Ave, just off of Duke Street about half a block west of Quaker Lane.   This is our last real meeting of the year as our December meeting is the PARTY at FIONAs in the Kingstown shopping center.  More on that later!  We will hold our club elections and the remainder of the meeting we need to talk about next year’s programs, 


Ian, N8IK,  has come through again!  He provided an excellent program that combined the WRTC contest video with a great introduction to contesting.  This was a nice follow up to the clubs program in September on logging programs.  We will have new Field Day chairs and should talk about next year’s club activities.


 Ian, N8IK,  has again made arrangements for out Christmas meeting to be held at FIONA’S 5810 Kingstowne Ctr, Alexandria, VA 22315.  From Alexandria, take Van Dorn Street south past Franconia Rd and turn left after you past the shopping center.  You can catch up with Ian at the meeting or pay at the door.  Ian will need a count, so let him know if you plan to attend.  Bring your family. We will introduce our new officers for next year and may have a few end of year awards.  We will also close the message practice contest. 


 Presidents Corner – Looking over the browser history file on my PC, it was a surprise to see the number of sites that provide free reference material to amateurs. Of course one has to mention our excellent website W4HFH and those of the many clubs that also maintain websites. Thanks, Roy K4AXQ, for the voluntary hard work you put in to keep our Alexandria Radio Club’s site current and relevant.

Other available websites include not just ARRL, QTH, QRZ, eHam, eQSL, hamtronics, hamuniverse, Buxcomm, and many other commercial sites, but also those maintained by individuals. Hams who own and maintain their own personal websites, such as AC6V and (the ksarrl site which lists 500 ham radio links) offer access to all kinds of amateur radio subjects. These individual sites cost their owners to setup, keep current and relevant. We are fortunate to have them. Ever thought of creating a site of your own? If so let us know what it is so we can share your achievement.

When starting a new project, it is very useful to peruse one or more of these sites in order to review best practices and lessons learned before plugging in the soldering iron and creating mayhem (or excess smoke). Enjoy the hobby!

Larry – KK4CBL


 Our club has rules that are meant to ensure that we have new officers every year or two.  Other club’s elect the same folks for many years.  Some of these clubs have a hard time keeping it interesting.  It great when someone wants to stay on and serve for many years, but we REALLY want new blood in the driver seats. 

The nominating committee has a slate of officers, but we still want any who want to run for an office to do so. 

73 Rick – N4ASX

 Odds and Ends

Andy WV8AA has a gin pole for sale.  I would like to recommend that the club purchase it for use by our members.

The Weekly Nets

The club has over 50 members but our weekly VHF nets have about 10 to 15 check ins on a good evening.  For those who are new.  We meet on the 147.315 Mhz +600Khz Offset and a PL tone of 107.2  at 8 PM LOCAL time.  We have been sending practice ARRL messages and we go around the list for comments twice.  Once in a while we get a radio trivia question or topic for discussion. 

Many evenings we will move to another club repeater (see the banner at the beginning).

There is also a SIX METER net that meets on 53.13Mhz -1MHz offset and 107.2 tone. K5OTZ is our net control and, due to the 30 minute limit  before the 2 meter net we go around once for comments.


The City’s EMS manager retired a few months ago and the city has hired a new manager.  Rick, N4ASX is going to arrange a meeting with the new manager to make sure EMS is aware of our capabilities.

Washington’s Birthday Parade will be Monday February 15, 2016,  If you have the day off, we can use about 10 volunteers.  We generally use the club trailer at the beginning of the parade as our point to collect data on parade organization and send changes by D-Star or Packet to the reviewing stand.  A team at the reviewing stand acts as Net Control and provides updates to the reviewing stand.  In the past, after the parade we all go somewhere for a late lunch.  Let Rick, N4ASX know if you can participate.  If we can we will use a few APRS capable handhelds to track the lead and end of the parade.  Part of what we do is help with traffic and safety.  This is general a handheld activity and we usually use the 146.655 repeater, but we may try simplex this year.

The radio installation at the Hospital is on hold until we can figure out how to get our signals to the antennas from the EOC (250 feet away).

 The Trailer

 We are looking to trade one of our club radios for an IC-7000 or other small HF radio.  We have a Tarheel II antenna, ball mount and cable but we are still working on how to mount it such that it will not be damaged when the trailer is on the road.  As always, we have some improvements to do. 

The trailer is available for other activities if club members would like to use it.

Hamfests –

Hamfest season in our area has drawn to a close.  But, I am already receiving emails about the Richmond Frostfest.  It’s on February 6, the first Saturday in February.  Coming in January is the Maryland Mobileers Hamfest in January.  For this year only, they are holding it in a different location. 

Training –

 Hard to believe, but as I wright this, we are halfway through our current class.  So far, most everybody has staying with it, which is always a good sign.  The exam is December 8.  If you are a Technician or General looking to upgrade, let me know.

 The biggest draw for new hams seems to be the public service angle, but don’t forget that is just one aspect of our great hobby.  There are plenty of things to try.  If somebody says they are bored with ham radio, they are not looking hard enough!.

Contests –

  •  November 14 and 15 – Kentucky QSO Party.  Exchange is RST and state.
  • November 21 and 22 – ARRL SSB Sweepstakes.  Exchange is the other station’s call, a serial number, class, your call, check, and section.  The class is your power level, below 5 watts is Q for QRP and below 150 watts is A.  The check is the year you were first licensed.  For example, if I am working N8IK, the exchange would be N8IK, #100A,  KA4GFY 79 VA. 
  •  You can only work a station ONCE, regardless of the band.  By Sunday afternoon, the big guns are begging to work the little pistols.
  • November 28 and 29 – CQ WW DX Contest, CW.  Exchange is RST and CQ Zone.  We are in Zone 5. 
  • December 4 to 6 – ARRL 160 meter contest.  Exchange is RST and ARRL/RAC section.
  • December 12 and 13 – ARRL 10 meter contest.  Exchange is RST and state. 
  • Technicians can work this one with the Generals and Extras.  They have CW and Phone privileges on 10 meters. 

Club Repeaters –

 The Alexandria Radio Club owns more repeaters than other club in the area.  We have repeaters on every ham radio band between 6 meters and 23 cm.  Here is a great opportunity to try a new band.  With the exception of the 23 cm repeater, all our repeaters are commercial grade equipment which should run for many years with minimal work.  The 23 cm repeater is constructed from 2 Yaesu 23 cm mobile radios with a controller in between.  All the repeaters provide good coverage in Alexandria and the surrounding area.

 We also have a complete DSTAR system, with digital voice on 2 m, 70 cm and 23 cm.  We also have the data repeater on 23 cm.   Think WiFi on steroids.  The 2 meter repeater is linked with other repeaters in the capital area.  The 70 cm repeater is linked world-wide, so you never know who will be on.

Ham it up and get on the air.

 73, Rich, KA4GFY

 Future Programs

  • DECEMBER  – Holiday party and club awards


  • January – Installation of NEW Officers – Post holiday social meeting
  • February – GW Birthday prep, 
  • March
  • April
  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September
  • October

Let me know what you want to hear about.  HELP !!!!  If you have an idea for a program, please let Rick know and he will try to find someone to provide the program.

 Social Events

 Monday Night Half Price Burgers – There is a group that gets together at Shooter McGee’s (Duke and Paxton Streets) on Monday evenings at 6:15 PM. A good burger and soft drink runs about $11.00.

A few years ago,  a bunch of us went to the Air and Space Museum at Dullas,  is there an interest in another trip (Yes, I know it’s not radio).  We can also plan for a trip the antique radio and EW museums. 


You are invited to Amateur Radio Roundtable, a new series of W5KUB.com live weekly webcasts.  The webcast is every Tuesday night at 9:00 PM EDST (0200 UTC Wednesdays) at W5KUB.COM. To watch click on Live Events and sign in with your existing User Name and Password.

Amateur Radio Roundtable is an informal discussion of all aspects of ham radio with the intent of allowing viewers to watch this live webcast or be a guest via Skype or Google Hangout.  A question and answer session with viewers will follow each topic.

The show covers all aspects of ham radio; such as, balloon launches, Satellite, go-kits, emergency communications, SDR, digital modes, DXing, home brewing, and much more. This week’s guests include Arnie Shatz, N6HC, a team member of many great DExpeditions; Eric William discussing SRD; and Franc Dunatov, ZL1SLO, discussing Special Event operations from New Zealand.

Folks, January 15-17 is the Bull Run District Boy Scout Winter Camporee.

The theme is a Klondike derby, the teams will build a sled and trek to fictional “towns” at Camp Snyder in Gainesville, VA. I would like to host a “radio shack” in each town so the scouts can call into the main station for location, updates, bulletins, and trek time on the course. The station will operate on Saturday, January 16, from 0800-1300–I need six operator’s and use of your HT. I expect to run on simplex since we will be within a half-mile of one another. 

if someone can bring the trailer as a base station–i’ll get you a heater and hot coffee!! as a note, the “towns” will be outside, mainly exposed areas near a fire-ring, the scouts will be performing scout-skills such as first-aid, knots, lashings, fire-starting, etc. We expect in excess of 250 scouts and approximately 20 sled teams staggered over the 4-5 hours. 

Please let me know if you have questions or additional information; thanks in advance for your consideration to join us at the Klondike Derby. 

73 Steve, W8RJH



Looks like fun!   <http://www.arrl.org/npota> http://www.arrl.org/npota
Lots of activation possibilities in this area.

All – this is a critical time for survival of hopes that amateur radio will have the same rights and privileges as, or parity with, commercial radio interests regarding antenna installations in communities across the U.S.   ARRL President Kay Craigie, N3KN, has issued an urgent call for League Members to contact Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation members representing their states to urge their support of S. 1685, the US Senate version of the Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2015.  Action on this legislation in the Senate is scheduled this week.

Neither Virginia Senator Warner or Senator Kaine is on the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, however, they could be persuaded to be a co-sponsor S. 1685 as is Senator Al Franken of Minnesota, who is also not a member of the Committee.  See link below for ARRL details.

If the legislation becomes law, radio amateurs living in antenna-restricted communities would have the opportunity to negotiate with homeowners associations to install antennas that reasonably accommodate Amateur Radio communication.

Taking the time out to contact our Virginia Senators for support of S. 1685 would contribute to passage of this legislation, and may contribute to amateur radio capabilities to support to the public in case of emergencies.   Phone numbers are listed below,

  • Senator Mark Warner
  • 475 Russell Senate Office Building
  • Washington, DC 20510
  • Phone: 202-224-2023
  • Senator Tim Kaine
  • 231 Russell Senate Office Building
  • Washington, D.C. 20510-4607
  • DC Phone:    202-224-4024
  • DC Fax:    202-228-6363

–Don, KI4D


Be sure to copy and submit the practice emergency message each week.

Sample format

ARRL Radiogram Sample

ARRL Radiogram Sample

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