ARC Articles of Incorporation (1970)

Note:  This is not an original document.  This document has been transcribed from a copy of microfilm provided by the Virginia State Corporation Commission.  The copy provided by the SCC has the notations BOOK 62 PAGE 258, BOOK 62 PAGE 259, BOOK 62 PAGE 260, BOOK 62 PAGE 261. 

The documents from the SCC include a cover sheet with the following statement:   The attached documents are “the best available” from microfilm.   The original documents submitted for filing were not suitable for microfilming. 

Begin BOOK 62 PAGE 258. 



This is to certify that we do hereby associate ourselves to establish a corporation, not organized for profit, in which no capital stock is required or to be issued, under and by virtue of Chapter 2, Title 13.1, Code of Virginia, 1950 and acts amendatory thereof, for the purposes and under the corporate name, hereinafter mentioned, and to that end we do, by this our certificate, set forth as follows:

a.   The name of this corporation shall be ALEXANDRIA RADIO CLUB, INC.,

b.   The purposes for which this corporation is organized area as follows: 

To provide a means of social contact amongst its members. 

To promote better relationship between the radio amateur and the general public.

To extend the knowledge of the radio art.

To prepare for and to participate in radio communications incident to public service during times of disaster or national emergencies and in other activities to promote the public welfare. 

To have as part of the organization an amateur radio station located at the Red Cross Chapter House in the City of Alexandria and/or such other suitable locations. 

To organize and operate as an RACES and AREC amateur radio group both fixed, portable, and mobile. 

To participate in amateur radio activities such as field day and contests and to erect, install, and operate portable or mobile radio stations in all such instances. 

To participate in and assist in all State, national and local emergencies at the Board of Directors may from time to time decide. 

c.    The period and duration of this corporation shall be unlimited and perpetual, and no part of the net income of this non-stock, nonprofit corporation is to inure to the benefit of any private stockholder or individual.  In the event of dissolution, the assets of the corporation, remaining after the payment of its outstanding liabilities, will be transferred to one or more (Begin BOOK 62 PAGE 259) organizations operating for charitable, educational, or scientific purposes and exempt from Federal income tax under the provisions of section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code if 1854, or future amendments thereto, or to a Federal, State, or local government entity to be used for exclusively public purposes. 

d.    The corporation shall have one class of members,who shall be those persons accepted to membership by the Board of Directors of the corporation.  All such members shall have voting rights, which shall include, but not be limited to, the annual election of the members of the Board of Directors of this corporation and such other voting rights as are conferred by the Code of Virginia. 

e.    A quorum shall consist of to (10) members present at a meeting. 

f.    The names and places of residence of the initial board of directors (Ed: Proper case was not used in original) of this corporation, which shall initially be six in number, and who shall manage the affairs of the corporation for the first year, unless others are sooner chosen to act in their stead, are as follows: 

 Rev:  03/11/98

Malcolm Bufton                         3923 First Street Sw. Washington, D.C. 20032

 Roy Hawkins                                 2513 Jamaica Drive, Alexandria, Va. 22303

Thomas Johnson                        6420 Wildwood Lane, Alexandria, Va. 22310

 Robert Lepelletier Jr.            5010 Taney Ave, Alexandria, Va. 22304

 Dean May                                          129 Fourth Street, Woodbridge, Va. 22191

 Lynn Wilson                                   160 Moncure Drive, Alexandria, Va. 22314

 g.    This corporation shall be one in which no stock is to be issued.

 h.    The post-office address of the initial registered office is the law offices of Stephen G. Creeden, 7138 Lanier Street, Annandale, Virginia; and the name of the initial registered agent is Stephen G. Creeden, who is a resident of Virginia and a member of the Virginia State Bar, and whose business office is the same as the registered office of the corporation. 

(Begin BOOK 62 PAGE 260) Signed with our own hands this 26th day of January, 1970. (The remainder of this page is signatures of the officers and the witness statement of a notary) 

(Begin BOOK 62 PAGE 261)This page is an order from the SCC dated January 30, 1970, stating that a certificate of incorporation be issued.

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